Use “GPS” To Map Out Your Goals

When I drive to someplace new, I put the destination into my GPS. I am able to measure my progress at every step because it tells me where to turn, what to look out for, and when I will arrive. The best thing about it, I won’t get lost!

We can use that concept when creating a goal, by developing distinct checkpoints where we can see if we are on track, off track, or need to adjust our course.

As with GPS, we first need to determine our destination. Be as clear and specific as possible.  For instance, if your goal is to get a new job. Create your vision by listing the things you want in the new job, such as

  • salary range,
  • benefits,
  • company is structured or not,
  • face to face or working from home,
  • development opportunities,
  • etc.

Secondly, develop a list of measurements to check against, to determine where you are in achieving your goal, such as

  • LinkedIn update
  • resume update
  • industries to target
  • companies to target
  • skills required
  • amount of time to spend each week
  • determine Job Search Strategies,
  • number of people contacted
  • etc.

Set goals each week to accomplish specific goals; and, using your list of measurements, review what you have accomplished.  Are you on track? If not, what could you do better?  Do you need to adjust your plan?  Are you 10%, 50%, 80% complete toward achieving your goal?  Say you feel you are 50% complete, what will it take to get you to 60% or 70%?

Document everything!

If you are having trouble in finding that job, hiring a career coach can provide you with a consistent process to assist you in defining your job criteria, help you with job search strategies and interview prep, to support you in getting the job you want.

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About Chris Sier

Over the course of her career, Chris Sier has been a leader, business development manager, process consultant, and corporate coach. Having been an executive/leadership/career coach with a Fortune 200 company; and since 2009, as a business owner, Chris has worked with VPs, directors, team leaders, and high potentials globally, working with clients to maintain their competitive edge, manage complexity, drive growth and operational efficiency, and inspire and engage multi-generational teams. She also works with clients on their brand and career management. She has authored numerous booklets and articles, and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Development with a minor in Psychology from Central Michigan University.


She helped me grow and succeed

Christine was my Executive Life Coach for about a year at EDS. I have worked with a number of Coaches, Counselors and Mentors during my career and none came close to having the impact Christine had on my life and career. I was working in an extremely stressful position during an extremely difficult project of migrating over 300 applications from 47 separate support vendors around the globe to an EDS support team. I had complete responsibility for the client relationship, the financials, and the technical aspects of the transition while also maintaining EDS' existing business with the client. Christine taught me a number of simple yet highly effective techniques for dealing with the stress. Her personal, sincere, and upbeat approach helped me get through a real death march. At the same time, she also helped me do some extremely important career planning for what would come after this project. She is truly outstanding at what she does and helped me grow and succeed during a period when I could easily have been crushed.

Kurt Toelken
Global Client Delivery Executive, Detroit, MI

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