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What If 2021 Is My Best Year Ever!

What If 2021 Is My Best Year Ever!

2020 has been the most long-drawn-out year I have ever experienced, not only challenging because of Covid-19 but mentally exhausting and stressful.  Many suffer from Pandemic fatigue, feeling...

New Normal Requires New Habits

New Normal Requires New Habits

Habits – Routines – Rituals We live in a wacky, wonky world, and healthy, positive habits can mean the difference between order and chaos, ease and burden, or success and failure. Nathaniel Emmons,...

I would recommend Chris to People on the Autism Spectrum in Interviewing for a Job

I was having a lot of first and second job interviews, but no job offers. My interview prep coach, Chris Sier, helped me prepare succinct answers to commonly asked situational questions and share how I utilized my strengths and learned from my mistakes.  Using Skype, Chris taught me how to show confidence while interviewed by using my body language successfully. Shortly after, I got a job!

I would recommend Chris because of her empathetic understanding to people on the Autism Spectrum.  It was her concise but natural techniques that pulled me over the finish line.  She has a wide breadth of knowledge, and it showed in our coaching session.

Thank you, Chris!!!

Scott McLaughlin
Desktop Support, CA

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