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How to handle the times when work, well…to put it bluntly, just sucks.

  • 20-04-30 Post Tackling Goals Can Be Exciting

    Tackling Goals Can Be Exciting!

    When Setting Goals, Sustain the Momentum by Creating a Picture of the End Result!  If you want results, you must keep your focus on your end game. With all the requests, agreements, commitments, and tasks associated with everyday living and working, the requirement to set goals, whether work-related or personal, can feel like a burden. It
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    5 Ways to Create Your New Normal Now and After the Virus Crisis

    Developing a New Normal Moving Forward Coronavirus has pushed a Country-wide reset button and has created the opportunity for the creation of a "new" more satisfying normal, despite its negative impact. We now have an excellent opportunity to look within ourselves, discover our innate inner wisdom on how we would prefer to live and make
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  • 20-02-29 Post Stick to Basics

    Sticking To The Basics

    Keeping It Basic Jim Rohn, author of "What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence," once said, "Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals." All the commitments, information to absorb, and things to complete can be all-consuming, stressful, and
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  • 20-01-31 Post To get where you want to go

    To Get Where You Want To Go, You First Need To Know Where You Are!

    Loretta Staples, a Strategy Consultant, now Therapist, once stated, "If you are clear about what you want, the world responds with clarity." Whether you’re taking a vacation, building a dream home, or managing a large project, periodically identifying where you are now to where you want to be, helps you focus firmly on the results you want to
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  • 19-12-31 Post End of Year Debrief

    End of Year Debrief

    Each year I update my End of Year Debrief as a reminder to savor your accomplishments during this year and prepare for next year. This year has been a blur! Because we can get mired down in all the details of emails, deadlines, and projects, going into the New Year is a great time to think about what you have accomplished in 2019 and what
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  • 19-12-06 Post Feeling Chaos

    Feeling Chaos is Controlling You? 10 Tips to Reduce Overwhelm

    We receive more information on our cell phones in a week than previous generations did in their lifetime. What do we do with all that information from the Internet, meetings, social media, email? It feeds chaos and creates overwhelm. What can you do to take back control of your day? Implementing just one of the following ten tips can help
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  • 19-11-30 Post Don't Assume

    Don’t Assume; Ask These 8 Basic Questions When Given A Project

    As humans, we make a lot of assumptions. However, when assigned a new project, the clearer we are on “what” we need to do, the “how” to do it is much easier to plan and execute.  We need to reduce assumptions and replace them with facts and clear direction. Understanding Your Assignment Beginning with these eight fundamental questions,
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    Are You Effectively Communicating Your Brand’s Value?

    There are three steps to creating a brand that resonates with your audience: What’s My Story – what you want others to know about you. Packaging My Story – your consistent message that conveys your brand Telling My Story – courteous, clear, and concise communication. Last month, I posted “What’s Your Brand,” about the steps to
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  • 19-09-30 Branding - first step

    What’s Your Brand?

    Nike has the “Swoosh”, which represents speed, movement, power, and motivation, and Evernote, an app that stores your written notes on a laptop, uses the figure of an elephant's head, because "an elephant never forgets, and you won't either utilizing this app. (Economics Times, July 24, 2017) Products aren’t the only entities that have
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    Obstacles Are Opportunities In Disguise

    What amazing things would you do if you thought you could?  I was going to write about branding this month, but I believe this is an essential first step. I recently came across a book in my library, I read some time ago, "Unstoppable" by Cynthia Kersey, which contains 45 stories of people like you and me who, after being told their
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