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What are your Elephants in the Room?

What are your Elephants in the Room?

“What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us.” ~ Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life We all have beliefs that help us move forward and grow. This blog, however, is about those beliefs that...

The Bully Factor

The Bully Factor

Bullying is extremely destructive, so much so, that, in extreme cases, youngsters have committed suicide.  They get bullied in the school yard and on social media—on their cell phones, on Twitter,...

Chris was there for me when I needed her help the most!

I called Chris when I was lost in life and needed help.   Chris helped me immensely through that phase of my life.  I am a better person today because of her. She guides you while allowing you to make your own decisions.  She helps you see yourself better. Chris will also be there for you if you have a crisis and need help immediately.   I am very fortunate that I had her guidance and wisdom to help me through situations. I can't recommend her enough.

Thank you, Chris, for being there for me and helping me.



Shikha Sood, Dentist
Sood Family Dental

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