Overcoming the Daunting Task of Job Interview Prep: Tips for Success

Anticipating a job interview is stressful. Vince Lombardi once said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up.” This sentiment is particularly relevant when searching for a new job and going through the interview process.

Many of my clients have shared experiences of feeling confident about a position and never hearing back from the interviewer. Rejection is always hard. However, I emphasize that each interview adds to your experience, making you more knowledgeable about the questions asked and more resilient and flexible. By learning from each experience and applying those lessons to the following interview, you improve your chances of success.

Preparing for it is the key to feeling confident that you effectively present yourself as the prospective employer’s ideal candidate.

When a client is prepping for an interview, these are the steps I coach them on:

  1. Research the company’s core values, objectives, and needs. Consider if your values align with theirs and how your skills can contribute effectively to the role you’re interested in.
  2. Leverage resources like Google or ChatGPT to find probable behavioral interview questions for the position you are applying for. Practicing these questions can help you prepare more effectively.
  3. You must answer two crucial questions: “Tell me about yourself” and “Why should I hire you?” Answering the first question gives the interviewer an idea of how you fit into their company culture. The second question lets you describe the value you can bring to the company.
  4. When developing answers to possible behavioral questions, consider real-life examples that showcase your competencies using the STAR Method (Situation, Task, Actions, Results). You can find detailed guides and examples of the STAR Method through online resources like career websites, Google, or platforms like ChatGPT.
  5. Remember to keep your responses concise, limiting them to no more than two minutes to avoid rambling. While the interviewer may not ask all of these questions, having prepared anecdotes will help you think on your feet.
  6. Finally, practice, practice, practice: rehearse your answers out loud with a trusted friend, in front of a mirror, or with a coach to refine your delivery until they sound unscripted.

Following these steps will make you feel prepared, confident, and relaxed when being interviewed.

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About Chris Sier

Over the course of her career, Chris Sier has been a leader, business development manager, process consultant, and corporate coach. Having been an executive/leadership/career coach with a Fortune 200 company; and since 2009, as a business owner, Chris has worked with VPs, directors, team leaders, and high potentials globally, working with clients to maintain their competitive edge, manage complexity, drive growth and operational efficiency, and inspire and engage multi-generational teams. She also works with clients on their brand and career management. She has authored numerous booklets and articles, and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Development with a minor in Psychology from Central Michigan University.


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