Workplace Wisdom

How to handle the times when work, well…to put it bluntly, just sucks.

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    5 Steps to Being More Effective at Work

    Peter Drucker said “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” When you accomplish a lot of tasks, you may feel productive and efficient; but are you truly effective? Today’s business culture stresses “Do more, faster, with less!”  With deadlines looming, it is easier to just try to do it all,
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    End of Year Debrief

    This year has really flown by! Because we can get mired down in all the details of emails, deadlines, and projects, going into the New Year is a great time to think about what you have accomplished in 2018 and what you want to focus on in 2019. Perhaps you think there is no time to reflect on what was done; only think about what needs to be
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    The Bully Factor

    Bullying is extremely destructive, so much so, that, in extreme cases, youngsters have committed suicide.  They get bullied in the school yard and on social media—on their cell phones, on Twitter, Instagram, etc.  It can be overwhelming and devastating.  Singled out, they feel alone, small, and hated so they end themselves.  We are horrified
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    What’s on my plate?

    So many details competing for attention—meetings, emails, projects…and so little time. It is discouraging, overwhelming, and disheartening.  No matter how hard we try, we can never, ever get it all done.  We just keep getting more. I tried and it almost killed me. I learned that no matter how many hours I put in, I couldn’t do it all, and
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    Some Stress is Good; A Lot Not So Good!

    Stress doesn’t create sickness and it doesn’t kill.  How you react to it does. It’s the amount of pressure you put on yourself…what should be done, has to be done, or must be done, rather than what you can realistically do or want to do. If you are feeling exhausted, anxious, and stretched beyond your capacity, your body is giving you a
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